Ata Kenya Imesota! Swaleh Mdoe claps back at critics of his broke state

Swaleh Mdoe

Swaleh Mdoe went through a rough month of February. Perhaps this was after he spent some money on Valentine's day. He hit social media platforms when he declared his bankruptcy and wanted to sell his kidney.

Swaleh Mdoe

This did not go so well with the Citizen TV anchor as Kenyans did not take it lightly. As if this was not enough, veteran media personality Louis Otieno wanted some Harambee for his hospital bill. Kenyans always criticize things that are at their disposal.

Swaleh Mdoe

Swaleh Mdoe was not done with you people! he still needs that kidney money to satisfy his financial constraints. This happened after Cabinet Secretary Henry Rotich declared that Kenya was 48Billion broke. On his Twitter account, Swaleh Mdoe pointed out that Kenya itself is broke and he got a way to justify his actions.

Just a reminder, his kidney auctioning is active.